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This week at apple hr support we have been talking about developing leaders and supporting them, in turn, to develop high performing teams, so it seemed like the ideal time to write a Leadership Development Best Practice Guide.

We’ve been debating what makes a high performing team and the impact the leader has.

Technology and the information easily available online, gives us all every opportunity for self development. 

However all this information may also leave us feeling that we have so much to learn and so little time!

Leadership and Development Best Practice Guide - JFK Quote

There is an enormous opportunity to learn and develop whilst on the job, and research tells us we should be gaining 70% of our learning through this method. 

Tricky at the moment for those of us who are working remotely, we’ve lost the ability to learn from each other’s successes and failures as we can’t see each other so well. 

20% of our learning is informally supported which looks like coaching or mentoring to help us discover what we could be doing differently and 10% through formal learning or workshops which offer us the opportunity to learn, discuss and share together to develop our core skills and behaviours.

As well as developing ourselves, as leaders we need to focus on developing our teams’ performance, skills and behaviours to enable them to be their best selves, engaged in what they are doing and with our organisations.

When developing our high performing teams, there are many places we can look to for advice and recommendation – sport and business are the most popular – and no matter what field you look to, there are some common practices:

Develop a culture of psychological safety

Developing a culture where our team members feel safe to be themselves, ask questions, make mistakes, take risks, disagree and raise concerns means enabling our people to work together to produce fantastic results and outcomes. A team where trust sits centre stage.

Shared goals and vision of success

Sharing and working together on creating a vision and goals for our High Performing team.  Collaborating to achieve the vision and goals drives true engagement as a team.  Particularly when we understand why we are working together and what we can really look to achieve.

Shared Goals in Leadership

Well defined roles and responsibilities

Well defined roles and responsibilities means everyone understands the role they play in the team and the importance of the part they play. Having a diverse team who work interdependently drives success, innovation and performance.

Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Communication, support and wellbeing

Understanding, listening and supporting our people whilst they are developing their high performing team behaviours can make such a difference. How much time do we spend listening and supporting them to come up with solutions and options?  

Introducing apple hr support’s Vicky Blissett

This was just the start of our discussions as Vicky Blissett has joined apple hr support as Leadership & Development Associate.  

Vicky Blissett - Leadership and Development Associate


Vicky has spent over 25 years in the pharmaceutical and global services sector, specialising in Operational Human Resources and People Management, People Development, Coaching, Leadership, Culture and Change management and she has the versatility to work across multiple industries.  

Vicky has recently been working with our clients to support their leaders in developing their own High Performing Teams and leading effectively. 

If you would like any further information on this you can contact at vicky@applehr.co.uk

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